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The village is in our real-time strategy game that allows you to cope with the PC campaign conflicts since the Crusades. The demo version gives it a taste of it before, whether you want to buy the full version of the game.

Like the era of empires and civilizationA series of games, this is your duty to ensure the safety of our fortress in the Middle East on the first, second and third crusades. And this continues to restrain the Muslim army troops, as we solvendisintravasha fight against our city.

And the deeds of our fortressIn the price to create a strong fixation in the cities, or an act of will. In addition, you can leave all the Nice Place wars in Jerusalem, Antioch, and also play a feature called our clinical series that started on 50 missions related to many different opponents.

For the greaterSecurity; LocaEst very interesting characters, however, it is the common situation of crusaders from the creation sings in a poetic figure, Richard the Lionheart and as a mouse and a bad boy who has not raised any money, then from the inheritance. For all these things, the ability of your back toThe fortress in the history of our lives so that you can keep it a little more interesting to play football.

Unfortunately, our fortress of graphics in video games is currently in the market for the poor. And the game can be repeated if playeddiutius.

If you are roman istoriyapolirovat or just useTheir historical computer campaign games, try it out our fortress.

Stronghold Crusader demo


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