Mina’s Green Cleaning


Our family-owned and operated business—with over 60 years of experience in residential and commercial cleaning services—takes pride in using the best in nontoxic cleaning products that are not only environmentally SAFE but also child and pet-friendly. Mina’s is licensed and bonded, and we want our customers not only to be 100% satisfied but also to feel 100% secure. We have offices in Florida, where we started, and in New York, and both provide our unique brand of modern cleaning with southern charm.

Let Mina’s Green Cleaning take care of all your cleaning needs, and your home or office will be maintained by a professional staff and always look its best. Our dedicated cleaning consultants have your best interests in mind and are committed to making sure that your home is clean and properly maintained. We use top-of-the-line Luxury by Nature green products by M. Boutique, leaving your home clean and naturally fresh!

Our cleaning professionals

Our licensed, bonded, and insured staff all have at least two years of professional cleaning experience and have gone through the training our family has developed over 60 years of cleaning homes and businesses.

Most of our employees have been with us for a long time and are like family. We offer compensation above industry standards as we look to build relationships that last. Communication is key to a great relationship, all staff speak English.

Our service guarantee

We stand behind our service and our clients. We want our clients to be 100 percent satisfied or we will come back immediately and redo the job until the client is happy. We want to build a relationship that allows our customers to trust us.

Our promise

  • To arrive on time and clean your home the way you like it.
  • To make sure our professional team is respectful of your time.
  • To use only the most effective and safe earth-friendly cleaning products.
  • To respect your home and always to enter it with a smile.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a top-notch experience when clients and businesses entrust us with caring for their homes and offices. We create a safe cleaning environment for both our clients and our staff using M. Boutique’s line of Luxury by Nature products, which are non-toxic and leave spaces naturally fresh.

Our History

A son’s undying love for his mother

A son’s undying love for his mother

The story is simple: a son’s undying love for his mother. My name is Chris Foster. I must confess that as the youngest of 15 siblings, I have always been a typical “Mama’s boy”. My story starts at a young age in the entertainment business. At the age of seven I began traveling and exploring the world working as a singer, dancer, and acrobat. All the while, my tenacious drive to succeed was fueled by an ever-increasing wish for one thing: to make sure my mom, Mina, was always cared for- not just financially, but physically as well.

A cancer diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis

My world shook on December 14, 2003 after receiving the dreadful news that Mina had been diagnosed with cancer. Despite the painful and rapid spread of this viscous disease, my resolve to help my mother win her battle was unshakeable. I was living in LA at the time, and began voraciously reading everything I could get my hands on about beating the disease.

Alternative cleaning products research

Alternative cleaning products research

Mina started radiation treatments, and I became obsessed with researching both household cleaning and skin products. I purchased and sampled so many different lines during this time that, at one point my home literally looked like a makeshift storage unit. I could not help it. I wanted to know everything I could about each product from its safety to its efficacy. There just had to exist products that still “packed a punch” but were safe and harmless for Mina, right?

The dangers of household cleaning products

Eventually I came across an article on the dangers of everyday household cleaning products and the evidence linking many of these same products directly to cancer! In thinking about my mom’s sixty years in the cleaning industry continuously inhaling toxic chemicals, literally hours upon hours each day, my life’s mission began to crystallize. As expected, I helped Mina make a host of immediate dietary changes such as removing processed foods, but felt that this was only part of the equation. More needed to be done.

M. Boutique

M. Boutique

Turns out I was wrong. I discovered that to satisfy both my mother’s age-old sensibilities for cleaning potency and my own truly discerning appreciation for an exquisite yet environmentally and human friendly product, I would simply have to create this brand myself. Hence, this singleness of mind coupled with Mina’s story (and a passionately, unyielding determination) gave rise to beautiful inspiration. Mina’s Green Cleaning and the M. Boutique line of Luxury by Nature products was born.



Mr. Chris Foster

Vitalli Vasko

Operations Manager

Mr. Vitalli Vasko