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Have you ever liked go at creating your own computer game but you have no programming knowledge? If so, check games Maker.

Game Maker requires no prior intelligence programming or game creating experience. It just needs to slow down and put thingsin the game, as if you were using a word processor.

Game Maker is very community-driven meaning has a thriving forum users and user reamskupatakuondokana guidelines to help you with that. Yoyo Games offers eight clearly explained lekciiZa get you started.

This is notsay what you will be able to create great games in minutes. Game Maker still takes some getting used to learning. Game Maker is limited in size – is your task to reach a certain size, it can not keep any more, but for beginners, it will be longbefore you get to that point.

GameMaker is an interesting project that provides a platform kubwakuchukua your first steps in the process of creating the game.

Game Maker Lite 8
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