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Transformers The Game is a third-party action game that you are in an open world environment where you have to fill a general purpose while being able to take a side mission. The game is available for PC, Xbox 360, Wii and PS3. Many people have praised using both the motion control with the Wii Transformers game.

Lots of action and lots to do

Jestaat to fight for things from Autobots where your people or Decepticons where all your electronics should contactDecepticons on earth to destroy humanitarian stores. In this game you play as a transformer that is able to transform into a vehicle which is why a number of destinations, including racing from one location to another. You can choose from five attacks including one from retrieving products from all over the enemy will use. The Wii version lets you play as additional characters that do not allow other formats. If youWii you to play can play asRatchet BonecrusherShockwave and fights.

Conclusion – But mixed reviews A Great Other Game

Transformers games have curved difficulties evenly over the corner more time and many vindenhet games are too short. But this is a challenging and inventive game of graphics and sound that is widely recognized by critics. Considering the source material is an appalling horrible film you must effectively recognize the Transformers Game far beyond what many expected.

Transformers The Game
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