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If you liked Angry Birds you like to go Angry Birds Rio, Brazil does not see the new party game Angry Birds?

Help prevent birds

Angry Birds Rio, first settled, but if the same game, except that the hollow piece, which ran from poor brothers all but captured, Angry BirdsRio de Janeiro. Yourthe task is to help the birds escape from the bombing violated all border barriers to eorumSic, including down – or wrong – that I’m going!

However, like any other

Angry Birds Rio is very similar to the original, but as described above, because this is just an idea, so yakNE some workno less exciting. If you like the first time, you’ll love the bright tropical colors and flavors of Angry Birds Rio, while the game is well known, and you know before taking the crunch birds in cages.

style Saturnrade

Angry Birds Rio Demo 2
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