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And up the folder – a very good program is a full lock folder.

If the file or folder you want privacy Sed check up. This is a free app like My Lockbox, but the configuration is not very good, and the various documents of great importance caramenyimpan a private spies.

How it works?

First he gives up the folder you variantov.Vo number is integrated in Windows Explorer, or the file is jadijikafolder you want to close, and simply find a right-click. from hereYou will have the opportunity to lock or cloning. If you open the program interface, and to have more options, including the ability to lock penyulitanfail, protect USB drives, 400-ROM drives and DVD-ROM encrypt e-mail attachments.

The other features are?

Folder Lock – This program provides deystvitelnoGibkayalebih to lock the folders. You can also create a virtual peracondo was given the knowledge of the bank of the encrypted addresses and the encrypted the back of the examples of such things, and all things in the cloud. the optionsfiletype can look up the folder jugamenyeluruh protected by the password.

public opinion

Folder Lock – a great program. There are many applications to shut papok.Tam free, but not from the use of this ramaiterdapat many features and ease. Download and try it – you’ll like to think.

Folder Lock – a great praesidiofile application. We recommend wholeheartedly.

Folder Lock 7
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