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StoryIn booty, a boat wakes you Talos

I, as a space station on the moon from 2032, is important

Trial of a person to bring things to change forever

Error awful. The space station is overtaken by the enemy

Alien and hunting. As it digs into the dark

I have more than my own past,Which must survive

Stations- your wits, weapons and abilities, mind bending. Fate

Talos next to me and all the foreign ThrillerNothing ofZure

This is because Talos Yu Morgan appears to be clear

I left behind clues for yourself and you discover your truth

Before. What?Role playing in Transtar Plan, and Mystery

Devastates an endangered situation here? Of SettingOrbiting

Moon, I Talos symbol of a private space station

Business Space. View a luxury craft designed to reflect

Prey CPY
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