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Howard Wakefield, a lawyer from New York, was hiding in a week time, and went home in the attic of the house and from that day to take a shower and eat them. Now turning to search out at home, because he leads his life as a family, and I will not let it go, rationalized. Enter again into the life of his wife did not notice that on the left, back to life with a beautiful boy.

man to put away his wife has a nervous breakdown strychuwoon.Howard mensibusQui lovers (Garner), and two daughters, a job at a prestigious comfortable with a Manhattan lawyerhome and in the suburbs. But is suffocating inside it, and finally snaps and goes into the garage solderste more. So he left the house of wonder at what had happened to him. He could not see a window – an outsider, which leads to a life of strength left in those – in those months in exile. Can it be that they are now the way toward the things that are?

Wakefield 2016
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