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Remember good old times when computers were x86 chips and MS-DOS was a central operating system for everyone? It’s like you need a lot more technical knowledge to use your computer.

DOSBox allows those of you, more nostalgia for not so long-term,To mimic games and applications running under DOS. Of course, you should remember all the basic DOS application commands to start and run or just browse directories.

The DOSBox provides a large list of all games that can play under DOS, but does not include itDownload links. You will need to search the internet to find them.

The advantage of DOSBox has with regard to other emulators is that it is not limited to games. Do not forget that for a great application that allows you to dOS move back years? If you can, you are goodChance that it will work in DOSBox.

DOSBox can emulate a game or an application running on MS-DOS. You will need to feel comfortable with DOS commands to use DOSBox.


Many Including:

Several small players play specific repairs / hacks / support. (Controlled Radio, Magic DetectionOn map GTA Installer Kingdom O ‘Pirate Booter Armored Fist Installer)

Add S3 specific 640×480 256 color mode. (Corrects regression in “Wooden Ships and Iron Men” and “I do not have the mouth and I have to scream”)

Fix stack crash könnteDOSBox

Add-on microphone. (Repairing TalkingParrot)

Change Adlib’s code so do not turn it off the same sound is repeated again and again.

DOSBox 0.74
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