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A brilliant medical student Michael (Oscar Isaac) meets the beautiful dance instructor Anna (Charlotte Le Bon) at the end of 1914 Their common heritage of Armenia is an attraction that carries in a romantic rivalry to one of Michael and Anna (Krischen Beyl) So vykryvatspravda. If the Ottoman Empire is in chaos, war-torn, fighting parties have to postpone their forces to make themselves and their people a safe place.

These 1914 godinaVoennites are waitingMighty Ottoman Empire raspalasya.Kanstantsinopalskaya once energetic, multicultural metropolis on the banks of the Bosphorus, will be absorbed by the chaos. Maykl Bogosyan arrived in the cosmopolitan center as a medical student, I decided to return to modern medicine Siroun, its former town in southern Turkey, where turetskiMusulmane and Armenian Christians lived for gay centuries. Photographer Kris Mayars has only partially covered geopolitics. It’s hipnotiziranIt’s love for AnnaArmenian paints accompanying Paris after the sudden death of his father. As Mayklsustrechy with Anna, their overall appeal for the reasons for the Armenian heritage explodes in a romantic rivalry between the two men. With Turkey’s alliance with Germany and the empire in violence against its own minorities, they must postpone supyarechlivagastrastsi until such time as to survive, even if it is inconvenient to overcome them.

The Promise 2016
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