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Many of us still remember great fight classics like Street Fighter, Double Dragon or Streets of Rage. If you are among them, you can return to the good old memories with little fighter 2

Little Fighter 2 pit against up to 8 players, either human or computer controlled, with support for LAN and Internetgames. igrachkontrolira every character (yebuket optional) and have special unique abilities that can be activated using a keyboard.

Little Fighter 2 features several game types, including VS mode (one on one or two against two), Championship mode (a tournament with several stages)Scene mode (classic stranalizganje beat ’em-up game) and battle mode, a number of team-based. You can find them all on your own computer upravlinnyamhraty character, but little Fighter 2 is undoubtedly much more fun to play against real human opponents.

Little Fighter 2 featuresmanga-style graphics, not really real, but very bright and colorful backgrounds are simple images, different places. My main complaint about the schedule is that the game window is too small.

If you’re old fighting games in arcades stylidyvlyachys a little Fighter 2 a try: It’s simple,fun and free.

Little Fighter 2
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