Tom and Tommy Morris, the daughter of the daughter and the daughter of a professional golfer based on skills, business acumen and street smarts to the working class, Tommy one of the first sports stars in the world and find the modern game of golf.

Since the first days of sport and stunning scenery in Scotlandfilm based on the true story of the great outstanding and complex relationship between Morris and Young Tom Morris, Tommy, the father-son team who went dynamikido suchasnyy.Hra golfSeiring their popularity grew exponentially, Tom and Tommy Field Scotlands free, touched by personal tragedyand drama. On the success of the first game, the talent and the glory of his father Tommys increasingly overshadow his achievements as the founder of the Open Championship in 1860, playing for excellence and reputation as a local caddy master, ice maker and club ball. In contrast, community leaders, Tommys internalturmoil in the end, he zbuntowanaprzeciwko aristocracy that gave yomushans, run by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews chairman Alexander Boothbay and parents avoid passionate relationship with his then-wife Meg Megawati Drina.

Tommy's Honour 2016
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